[Bf-committers] 64 bit python libraries?

D.J. Capelis djcapelis at gmail.com
Tue May 1 19:53:15 CEST 2007

On Tue, 2007-05-01 at 09:03 -0800, Tom M wrote:
> > But back to the original post; the problem was a linux issue but we
> > don't ship the linux release version with any python libs.  I thought
> > the basic Python support was statically linked.
> Yeah I think we only need to add the library for the windows version.
> I 'knew' that but, didn't remember it :)
> Anywho it did spur the rest of the conversation, which is we probably
> need to organize builders for official 64 bit builds.  So we have
> linux 64; probably need at least Win 64 - not sure about the state of
> 64bit on other platforms - OS X? BSD? SGI?

For the initial release we could probably get away with focusing on
64-bit platforms with operating systems that are can be installed as
"pure 64-bit" as opposed to those with mixed 32-bit and 64-bit
libraries.  I know at least on linux multilib is a bloody mess and I
expect support on other systems is similarly bad.

If the other platforms want to get running with their 64-bit stuff
there's no time like now, but I'd say that it's most critical on those
platforms where people are wanting to install their operating systems
with no 32-bit libraries and can't run blender on those platforms.
These are the platforms we probably should target 2.44 on and then the
rest catch up when they feel like it.

Out of "the big three" (warning: abitrary) OSX seems handled, linux is
now handled at least on x86-64 (if anyone wants to build a 64-bit linux
version linux version of blender on PPC64 or SPARC64 or some other
architecture feel free to send me an e-mail.) and that means we'd just
really need a windows 64-bit builder.. unless the existing windows team
has one?

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