[Bf-committers] yafray code maintenance

Mathias Wein lynx at aspect-design.de
Fri Jan 12 12:33:10 CET 2007


Sorry for the delay, i lacked a bit of motivation due to other important
things i need to get done...also i hadn't subscribed to the mailing list...

Generally i wouldn't mind to maintain the export code, there's only a slight
problem, my knowledge about blender is very limited, as both a user and a
coder. And i can't really complain about lack of work either...so if you 
for example about a dupliframe bug, i barely have an idea of what 
actually are, let alone how they're implemented...
Such blender features are widely ignored in my adaption of the export code
to the new core design i'm working on.

 From my point of view, it's important to get someone learning about
Yafray (or my "evil clone") rather then being talked into learning
everything about blender code myself, because that way, the project will
fail with rather high probability since i will loose motivation at some 
when there's no one backing me up. I already didn't touch my own code
for two weeks now again, which is not good...


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