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Joe Eagar joeedh at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 15:47:37 CET 2007

I'd like to point out that the game engine actually does support pixel 
shaders, but you have to set them up through python.

Alexander Ewering wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, Jason Ward wrote:
>> I know that blender is grreat for developin games. It has a fast 
>> development
>> speed.
>> But I need to know if it is fast.
> You are not being very accurate. What do you mean by "it"?
> I assume you mean the Game Engine and its graphics. Well, it is fast for
> simple, low-quality things. As soon as you want good specularity or 
> complex
> lighting though, this is mostly achieved by using subdivision (remember,
> per-vertex lighting), and thus it will get slow. Concerning static 
> lighting
> and shadows, this can recently be baked from renders, but the workflow 
> for that is very dodgey still.
> For getting dynamic realtime lighting, subdivision is needed -> can get
> slow.
>> Plus, the physics engine was dodgey in V2.42
>> A cube inside a cube would fall out after a while. And other funny 
>> things
>> would happen.
> A cube inside a cube is a very inaccurate description. If you mean 
> that you
> just added two cubes and scaled one down, this will never work because a
> cube is a solid object. It seems to be that you need to read a few 
> docs ;)
>> I would write my own physics engine for it in python with scripts but
>> another problem arises.
> A physics engine in Python? Have fun buying a supercomputer :-)
>> Realtime shadows are crap and transparency with alpha values doesn't 
>> work
>> properly.
> There are no realtime shadows at all in the Game Engine.
>> Ok, so VC++ is great you say. Some links, and links to tutorials 
>> would be
>> great.
> Links to VC++? Tried microsoft.com?
> The developer documentation on mediawiki.blender.org should contain
> tutorials on how to get started building with VC++.
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