[Bf-committers] Freestyle NPR for Blender: Call for developers

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Sun Feb 25 08:23:02 CET 2007

Support is one thing, good integration is still missing in these areas.

BVH importer/exporter improvements could be renamed to "Improving 
Blender for motion captuce use" - Stull like IPO curve smoothing, maybe 
improve constraints so you can easerly retarget the animation from 1 rig 
onto another, (Im a bit vague on that area)
Try import a BVH and apply it to mancandy.... then mix some of the poses 
together. - Im sure you could fill a GSOC project with the number of 
things to make this process easier.

With google earth, it would be great to have the same level of 
intergration as sketchup (now multigen creator) - where you can select 
some terrain in GE, model over it. then drop it back in.

Even for DXF, blender might be extended to display curve line widths and 
color... as well as tools that give better cad style line manipulation.

These projects might not be so easy because they involve working with 
existing code... Im not sure of GE, but BVH/Mocap and DXF/Archi tools 
would be valuable projects IMHO.

Tom M wrote:
>> The page is here:
>> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/SOC_2007_Ideas_%28Draft%29
> Chris should out of date requests be removed?
> For instance
> DXF importer/exporter improvements (C)  - we now have a good dxf
> importer in python not sure about export
> Google Earth importer/exporter (Python) - script is well maintained
> for import, not sure about export
> BVH importer/exporter improvements (Python/C) - i think cambo is
> maintaining both of these now
> LetterRip
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