[Bf-committers] Compiling for Solaris with Sun CC, next round

Vladimír Marek vlmarek at volny.cz
Thu Aug 23 15:49:33 CEST 2007

> I was working on this for a while, but got hung up on some of the
> libs. IIRC I simply modified the scons files to always use CC. CC
> should be able to compile both.

Interesting idea. I'll try it. However c++ syntax is more strict, so I
think that yhis is not going to be easy either.

> Besides this, how close are you to using cc for compilation?

Very close, I'm compiling it regularly. I'm attaching diff agains today
svn. Just use SunStudio 12 (or patched 11), since older has bug
somewhere in c++ processing, which affects blender. But please note
that I'm building just raw blender for now (no international fonts, game
engine, audio, ffmpeg etc.). Once I can compible blender out of vanila
sources, I'll add features.

> If you can get a clean build using CC we can turn on the full
> optimizations which a) will probably do better at SSE than GCC and
> also we can turn on the auto parallel features. I saw some (no doubt
> heavily biased) reports by Sun that showed some great performance
> gains from 3D rendering even without auto threading.

I'm compiling with '-fast' which turns on quite heavy optimalizations. I
do have access to pre-production version of Niagara 2 server, where auto
threading features might be interesting. I'm not conviced that x86 build
will be faster using CC than gcc, but I will be interested in comparing
them :)

> Getting Blender to build with CC might just make me switch my main
> workstation to Solaris sometime soon.

Start downloading the install image :)



> Timothy
> On 8/23/07, Vladimír Marek <vlmarek at volny.cz> wrote:
> > > > SCons masters, is there some way to force usage of "c++ complier" for
> > > > linking ?
> > >
> > > Wouldn't it help to link the c++ runtime library explicitly to the program? If
> > > you are using cc or CC for linking should not matter, I guess. They just use
> > > different default libraries for linking (C runtime, C++ runtime).
> >
> > I believe that it's not that simple. But I'll investigate.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
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