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sfogoros sfogoros at att.net
Thu Aug 16 13:42:18 CEST 2007

Hi Carsten,

Mine is swapped too. We had a short time to prepare for siggraph and get 
all platforms working. Some inconsistencies remain at the moment.

I don't understand what you mean by Roll/Nick. The Nick part throws me 
off. And, my guess is that when you say very small amounts of transform, 
I perceive how difficult it can be to move the view when the axes are 
swapped. When the axes are oriented correctly, fly mode allows very nice 

In view dependent mode, do you mean object mode where the SN controls 
the selected object and the object moves on the same axis as the SN 
(independent of the view direction)?


Carsten Wartmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I managed to compile the ndof branch on Windows XP with minGW as 
> compiler. Easy meat.
> I can use the SpaceNavigator but same as in precompiled versions, some 
> axes seem to be swapped. When I tweak the device in the configuration 
> app so that I can transform some axes in fly mode or turntable are weird 
> or swapped. Maybe this is because of the different terminology in 
> Blender and the SpaceNavigator driver?
> I don't understand the fly-mode at all? Roll/Nick seems to do the wrong 
> things (i.e. very small amounts of transform e.g.)
> I also miss a view dependant mode, i.e. if I push the SN forward the 
> object wil be tossed away, no matter what axis points "into" the screen.
> Hope this makes sense...
> Carsten
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