[Bf-committers] [ndof] where would we find the blender's 3dcnx plugin for window?

sfogoros sfogoros at att.net
Sun Aug 5 17:54:52 CEST 2007

jms, I also am not able to run the ndof branch with the downloaded 
plugin binary. I get a different error than you listed; illegal memory 
reference. I'm waiting until after siggraph to follow up with Ettore.

The plugin is compiled with vcpro (Visual Studio 2005 Professional) and 
may depend on something that is installed with it. I've been using vcce 
(Visual Studio 2005 Community Edition) and can't compile the plugin 
without errors. vcce is known to be missing some functionality (stl is 

Be patient. We will get everything sorted out soon.


jmsoler at free.fr wrote:
> Selon Jean-Luc Peurière <jlp at nerim.net>:
>> Le 5 août 07 à 13:59, jmsoler at free.fr a écrit :
>>> hi,
>>> I did a win32 compilation of the ndof's branche with msvc 8 and scons.
>>> But it seems that the spacenavigator does not work (but it does its
>>> job
>>> correctly with sketchup).
>>> I supppose that I missed something. To install the plugin, for
>>> instance.
>>> So : HELP !!!
>>> Please, tell me what I have to do to continue the tests.
>> http://cubelogic.org/blender/builds/2007-08-01/
> Thanks.
> This plugin does not seem to work on my win xp pro sp2
> system.  Tested with my compilation (08/05), with the
> blenderbuild one and cubelogic.org/blender/builds/ too .
> I get always this in the dos console :
> Compiled with Python version 2.5.
> Checking for installed Python... got it!
> ndof manager
> 1 client
> 3Dconnexion main COM instance: 00000000
> 3Dconnexion device initialization NOTsuccessful
> jms
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