[Bf-committers] CTRL-X functionality

Doug Ollivier doug at mudpuddle.co.nz
Wed Apr 25 11:58:21 CEST 2007

Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> For example; just save a quit.blend for ctrl+x? There might be more of 
> such solutions to prevent the extremely unlikely accident with ctrl+x.
Yes this is the least intrusive option.  Better yet, tie in Ctrl+Z with 
quit.blend and allow the user to seamlessly undo across a file, if they 
do make a mistake it is the first thing they will press.

The secondary solution is to create a Save, Save as, Quit... type menu 
option for any of these file tools, in order to communicate a decision 
to the user.  it takes no more clicks than currently, i.e. there is 
already a Ctrl+X dialogue box.  So there is no productivity loss to 
implementing a good user centred approach in this case.


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