[Bf-committers] Re: CVS commit: blender/intern/ghost/intern GHOST_WindowX11.cpp

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Mon Apr 16 10:10:09 CEST 2007

GSR wrote:
> Hi,
> cbarton at metavr.com (2007-04-15 at 0802.12 +0200):
>> campbellbarton (Campbell Barton) 2007/04/15 08:02:12 CEST
>>   Modified files:
>>     blender/intern/ghost/intern GHOST_WindowX11.cpp 
>>   Log:
>>   last commit didnt include this file.
>>   Revision  Changes    Path
>>   1.19      +24 -4     blender/intern/ghost/intern/GHOST_WindowX11.cpp
>>     <http://projects.blender.org/viewcvs/viewcvs.cgi/blender/intern/ghost/intern/GHOST_WindowX11.cpp.diff?r1=1.18&r2=1.19&cvsroot=bf-blender>
> It was a patch for review, more than direct commit. The idea of
> checking all atoms seems sane, as in your patch. And anyway, it does
> not behave as expected (yet? is it ever fixable? what is to be
> expected?).
> Try blender, blender -w and blender -W (and use xprops to check each
> case, do not just believe what the WM forces and shows you). The tests
> should also try with -p, before and after the -w/-W, but I am not
> going to test and patch those without knowing what is the desired
> behaviour (but -p varies things, that is sure). In my machine I see:
>             Option   none       -w         -W
> Start size            FP         OM         FM
> Start state           Maximized  Normal     Normal
> First unmaximize      OM         n/a        n/a
> First maximize        n/a        FP         FP
> Maximized state hint  Y          N          N
> Panels avoided        Y          N          N
> Motif decor hint      N          N          Y
> Frames                Y          Y          N
> FP Fills all area up to panels
> OM Overflows monitor (as increased by frame decors)
> FM Fills monitor (ignoring panels)
> You can blame all you want the wm about some size decisions, but not
> the hints, and none != -w (as -h implies). And the requested size is
> always monitor size (until you add -p to the mix).

Hi GSR. D.J Capitals and I discussed committing - and we agreed this was 
a fairly straight forward.

The (-w =! none) is not an issue with the recent X11 maximize change.

How about we just ignore -w since its the default operation anyway.
would thats solve the problem?

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