[Bf-committers] New with Blender: two question

David Millan david at artresnet.com
Fri Sep 15 08:12:43 CEST 2006

You should do a patch and submit it to projects.blender.org in 
patchtracker section to review it.

joaquin bervel escribió:
> Hello,
> I am new working with source code of blender and I have some quetions.
> I have created a new function. I call it 'Progressive Crease', and I 
> have added it to the 'Special Menu' (w). This function modify the 
> crease between two selected edges, with the proposite of do the mesh 
> more soft. The function calculates all the shortest-paths between the 
> two selected edges and later modify the crease of these edges 
> depending of selected edges crease. I have modified the files 
> header_view3d.c, editmesh_tools.c ... but I dont know if i have to 
> commit or send an email with these files, to look if this function can 
> be added to the new version of blender.
> The other question is a problem, I am working in other function, a 
> solidify, but when I create new faces, I call :
> Transform();
> it does not work, but if i replace it by
> initTransform(TFM_TRANSLATE or ...SCALE or ....ROTATE, CTX_NONE);
> Transform();
> it works.
> Thanks
> Joaquin
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