[Bf-committers] New with Blender: two question

joaquin bervel joaquin.bervel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 00:26:07 CEST 2006


I am new working with source code of blender and I have some quetions.

I have created a new function. I call it 'Progressive Crease', and I have
added it to the 'Special Menu' (w). This function modify the crease between
two selected edges, with the proposite of do the mesh more soft. The
function calculates all the shortest-paths between the two selected edges
and later modify the crease of these edges depending of selected edges
crease. I have modified the files header_view3d.c, editmesh_tools.c ... but
I dont know if i have to commit or send an email with these files, to look
if this function can be added to the new version of blender.

The other question is a problem, I am working in other function, a solidify,
but when I create new faces, I call :


it does not work, but if i replace it by

 initTransform(TFM_TRANSLATE or ...SCALE or ....ROTATE, CTX_NONE);

it works.

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