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Roland Hess rolandh at reed-witting.com
Mon Oct 16 13:41:29 CEST 2006

Erwin -- one of my hopes for the NLA is that it can be used in the  
future to address more generic animation information than Actions. It  
really wouldn't be that hard, as all NLA does is to query poses and  
positions from actions at specific frames. There is no reason NLA  
couldn't query some other type of animation structure for the same  

My point is that things like physics simulation (ragdoll!) could be  
interfaced via the NLA. Want your sim to start on frame 120 and run  
for 300 frames? Add a Ragdoll NLA strip that covers those frames.  
That way, you have a clear system for inputs (preceding animation  
from NLA), as well as outputs (the NLA display system already takes  
care of it). NLA N-key panel could also become context-aware to  
display sim controls for the type of strip selected.

> So first I plan to develop a generic C-API for Bullet (that allows  
> potential
> future binding of ODE, PhysX rigidbody dynamics too), and look into  
> adding
> some UI that allows to assign rigid body constraints (perhaps  
> automatically
> turning an armature into a 'ragdoll'), export/import those  
> constraints using
> COLLADA, and bake/integrate the Bullet simulation in a better way  
> (without
> requiring running the game engine). This is enough to keep me busy.
> Hope this clarifies things a bit,
> Erwin

Roland Hess - harkyman
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