[Bf-committers] Bullet physics plans/status/update

Erwin Coumans erwin at erwincoumans.com
Sun Oct 15 21:17:16 CEST 2006

There are two separate things, and it is good not to mix them up.

1) My plan is to integrate Bullet rigid body dynamics more tightly inside 
Blender, using a new generic C-API.

2) Allowing different physics systems (cloth, fluid, soft, rigid) to operate 
together is a different topic, however interesting and useful. It is fairly 
common to have some explicit two-way interaction, there has been quite a bit 
of discussion on my physics forum about this.

So first I plan to develop a generic C-API for Bullet (that allows potential 
future binding of ODE, PhysX rigidbody dynamics too), and look into adding 
some UI that allows to assign rigid body constraints (perhaps automatically 
turning an armature into a 'ragdoll'), export/import those constraints using 
COLLADA, and bake/integrate the Bullet simulation in a better way (without 
requiring running the game engine). This is enough to keep me busy.

Hope this clarifies things a bit,

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> Matt Ebb wrote:
> .....
>> http://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/~ralf/JStalk/
> that looks very interesting
> translating that to blender terms
> 1. give blender's armature system something like softbody primitives 
> (vertices, springs and objects to collide) i think a working solver for 
> that is a matter of a few days, optimizing it will take forever :)
> 2. find a way to do subdivision on bone level
> 3. find a good way to link that to the existing animation machine
> well .. within reach
> but i won't have the time to code this until i'll retire.
> Never the less i'd be more than happy to guide a coding team through all 
> the pitfalls i see on the way
> however the solver might use a generalized physics system,
> but i doubt it will look like a system erwin is heading for
> (e.g. a fast game engine will never ever care for wrinkles on clothes or 
> try to untangle it)
> another 0.02 euro
> BM
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