[Bf-committers] Seeking help for backporting groups to Blender 2.36

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Wed May 3 14:09:39 CEST 2006

Hi (TON!),

in total frustration of the permanent absence of our uber-Guru ;-), I'll
just throw the problem at the list and hope for some helpful soul to support

I've backported object groups to Blender 2.36 (the i-word... you know), and
I'm left with one last problem, whose roots are totally impossible to find.

Everything is fine if the actual objects are in the same scene as the
duplicator objects. HOWEVER, if I load a file where the actual objects are
in a different scene (and thus have never been visible), they won't get
drawn for the duplicators. They are there, but they seem to have no

The funny thing is that I can makeDispList() on them manually all day long,
they still won't appear.
Another funny thing is that in wire and solid view, they *do* appear! Just
not in shaded view.

Then the next strange thing I couldn't find a solution for: When rendering
a group duplicator whose objects have different subsurf levels for modelling
and rendering, the group will - again - disappear completely after the
render is finished - and only be viewable again if I switch to the scene
with the actual objects.

Ton, can you imagine any solution to this problem? iblender doesn't have the
depgraph yet... however, even if I manually makeDispList, they still don't
appear... they NEED to be actually *drawn* at least once in order to be
visible in group duplicators.

Very astonishedly,

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