[Bf-committers] Release 2.41 AHOY!

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Tue Jan 24 11:40:20 CET 2006

>> > Have builds for x86_64, but two 2.25 GE files don't work the same:
>> > eat_snow.blend: game plays but player can only be moved
>> > RvoFighter-24.blend: does not show instuction or "Fight/Victoly"
>> screens
>> >
>> > Anyone else seeing this?
>> Confirmed on standard x86
> Sorry, I was doing a few more regression tests before I threw in the
> towel for the day and noticed that if you run Ballcoaster and esc out of
> it the second time you run it you'll get a segfault.  This only appears
> to happen if you run ballcoaster _twice_ and seems to fail in about 5-10
> seconds afterwards.
> Can anyone else confirm on another platform?

The Ballercoaster-crash is repeatable with the release build from
DJCapelis. For comparison, my own build doesn't have this problem. N
restarts work fine (where N > 10). I noticed that the release build gives
me fnctl errors, whereas my own build doesn't.


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