[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-blender-cvs] CVS commit: blender/source/blender/src/sequence.c

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Tue Feb 28 14:48:44 CET 2006


> ton (Ton Roosendaal) 2006/02/27 20:36:42 CET
>   Log:
>   Restored the free_imbuf_seq_except() in sequencer, to free all memory
>   of sequencer, except current frame. Apparently the cache limitor doesnt
>   work for floatbuffers yet... and while rendering, I prefer to have all
>   memory available for the render itself.

you can change the memory usage using the cache slider in the userprefs.

I changed the behaviour since I had the annoying problem that scenes on
the timeline got rendered for every single frame - even if they consisted
only of one frame that was enlarged over several seconds. This happens
pretty often, if you do titles directly with a scene-strip.

If there is a better way (besides always remembering to render out and
then feedback into the sequencer from disk), just let me know...

>   Schlaile; you might check on what is wrong, in case imbufs have have
>   a rect_float or zbuf_float, the cache doesnt work yet?

Fixed. By the way: you managed to use float-Imbufs in the sequencer????

I just ask, since I'm doing some sequencer cleaning up on my private tree.

I won't commit this directly but rather use the patch tracker, since it
changes the file structure a little bit (seperating the plugins in
sequence.c into a seperate file seqeffects.c, adding an abstract interface
to them hiding the implementation, adding float support etc.).

But if you are doing a seperate clean up we shouldn't make double
efforts... ;-) (I have no problems, if _you_ do the hard work ;-)


Peter Schlaile < peter at schlaile dot de >

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