[Bf-committers] float-upgrade to sequencer

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Tue Feb 28 21:19:40 CET 2006


I'm working my way through the sequencer code and am just wondering what's
the best way to decide, if we should do effect processing on rect_float or
just rect.

I'm fairly sure right now, there is no real automatic way to decide
if the user prefers speed or quality. (If input and output is float then
everything is easy, but if both are not? Maybe we want to do float
processing in the middle and just convert at both ends?)

Best thing would be to add an additional button in the render-buttons
window (if there is space left...). Am I right, that the user
should be able to decide (also on compositing or scene-render) if the
whole rendering pipeline runs on floats or not?

What do you think?

To the code cleanup I'm working on:

I have now completely moved all effect stuff (including plugins) into a
seperate file with a fairly clean interface that looks like this:

struct SeqEffectHandle {
	/* constructors & destructor */
	/* init & init_plugin are _only_ called on first creation */
	void (*init)(struct Sequence *seq);
	void (*init_plugin)(struct Sequence * seq, const char * fname);

	/* load is called first time after readblenfile in
           get_sequence_effect automatically */
	void (*load)(struct Sequence *seq);

	/* duplicate */
	void (*copy)(struct Sequence *dst, struct Sequence * src);

	/* destruct */
	void (*free)(struct Sequence *seq);

	/* returns: 0: no early out, 1: out = ibuf1, 2: out = ibuf2 */
	int (*early_out)(struct Sequence *seq,
			 float facf0, float facf1);

	/* stores the default facf0 and facf1 if no IPO is present */
	void (*get_default_fac)(struct Sequence * seq, int cfra,
				float * facf0, float * facf1);

	/* execute the effect
	   sequence effects are only required to either support
	   float-rects or byte-rects
	   (mixed cases are handled one layer up...)
           the decision which one is used depends on out->rect_float */

	void (*execute)(struct Sequence *seq, int cfra,
			float facf0, float facf1,
			int x, int y,
			struct ImBuf *ibuf1, struct ImBuf *ibuf2,
			struct ImBuf *ibuf3, struct ImBuf *out);

struct SeqEffectHandle get_sequence_effect(struct Sequence * seq);

Ton: can you think of adding node support to the sequencer using just this
interface? Or have I missed something?

This interface is at least not completely wrong since it helped me to find
a very obscure segfault situation in strip duplicate.
(Add two movie tracks, add a wipe effect, make this a meta-strip,
duplicate this meta-strip, and then delete both meta-strips. You will get
a segfault or a warning about a double-free.)
It also removes the bad level call to open_plugin_seq in readblenfile.


Peter Schlaile <peter at schlaile dot de>

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