[Bf-committers] Lots of UV/Images.

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Tue Feb 28 09:16:57 CET 2006

At the moment Im working on a project with 300+ pictures.
Something which is frusterating is the time it takes to assign a 
UV/Texface picture from 1 object to another. Say for a brick texture.

* Select the model with a brick texture.
* In face select/UV mode select the face with the image you want.
* Remember the name...
* Select the object to apply.
* Face select mode
* Select faces.
* In the UV Window popup the Data Browser.
* Look for the image (no sorting is default which dosent help), also, 
its impossible to copy and paste between the 2 dataviews because somehow 
the clipboard is lost.
* Select and thats done.

It seems silly to search through a list for a datablock you need when 
you can see what you want on the screen.
for a small number of previewable datatypes this isnt realy in issue.

How about a datablock picker?
So for spesific datablocks as well as "DataBrowse" in the datablock 
selector menu is an option "Pick from View",
This would allow you to click on a mesh and the image on the face under 
the mouse would be selected in the UV view.
Datablock eyedropper could be used for material, obdata and probably a 
few other areas.

Eventually picking for other areas could be added. say- pick an image 
from the texture buttons window, where it has an image texture.

- Cam

Campbell J Barton

133 Hope Street
Geelong West, Victoria 3218 Australia

URL:    http://www.metavr.com
e-mail: cbarton at metavr.com
phone: AU (03) 5229 0241

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