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Austin Benesh bfdeveloper at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 02:37:48 CET 2006

Tom M wrote:
> Hi,
> there are two seperate issues here
> 1) Should Blender Foundation host content that is in poor taste and
> reflects poorly on Blender?
> Naughty nurse
> http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Stand-alones.162.0.html
>  is harmless but it is in "bad taste" and as such reflects poorly on
> Blender Foundation.
> Personally I think this is the more persuasive side of the issue
> 2) Should we host content that will prevent us from being used at schools?
> This is similar to the issue Ubuntu encountered with its background
> screen.  However depections of the nude form is an integral part of
> artistry.  Thus if we had renders containing artistic nudity in the in
> the gallery, then I'd argue against there removal even if it would
> prevent some schools from linking to the Blender Foundation.
> So in the case of the nurse I'd say that 1 is persuasive which happens
> to also effect 2.
> Note that in the US all schools recieving federal funding are required
> to have content filters on them.  Since pretty much all schools do
> recieve federal funding the filters are nearly universal.  Due to the
> nature of how the keyword filters work the wording in the caption is
> possible (likely?) to result in Blender being a blocked site.  Ie the
> words naughty, nurse, mature and warning in such close proximity would
> likely lead to blender being filtered if the school is using keyword
> filtering.
> LetterRip
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I think it is absolutely wrong to host any offensive material on a 
global site such as www.blender.org (www.blender3d.org). Do you really 
want to turn away all the people around the world who just want a free, 
user-friendly program without any offensive material? The decency of the 
website will directly reflect the quality of our program, and I firmly 
feel that any offensive material hosted or supported by the site will 
turn away a large group of people that simply want to access a site 
devoted to improving and promoting a graphics-design program. Yes, 
nudity is usually a part of art, but it is also a heavily controversial 
subject. It is best simply to not host it at all. I can tell you that if 
blender.org hosts this kind of 'art', I will have to leave the 
community. I know I do not stand alone on this issue.

        Austin Benesh

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