[Bf-committers] Image Editor Mess

bjornmose bjornmose at gmx.net
Wed Feb 1 22:51:54 CET 2006

Hi, all
I know we are in a transition mode, but the UV/image editor is in a very 
bad state right now.
So i'd like to pick up the occasion to make decicions how to proceed.
The UV/image space now is used for 3 tasks.

1. Editing UVs and having the (texture) image shown.
2. Editing the image with a minimalistic 2d painting tool.
3. Compositor's Output

Worst of all the visual response to the user is confusing:
E.g. if a 3d view is in face select mode UVs are shown as if they could 
be edited (which is wrong for cases 2. and 3.)
Using the Image select combo to switch to 'Compositor' makes the 'clone 
image' selector (using the same combo) look like you could clone from 
the rendered image to a texture image ( would be nice btw ) but it does 
not work. Guessing it is not an image i can access via IMG_BUFF.

I'd like see a selector (combo or icons) to put the UV/image space in a 
defined state (like 3d view does).
Have a function to retrieve it so we can code header menus, hotkeys ... 
context sensitive, but always understandable for the user .. e.g i can't 
drag UVs while in Compositor view.


P.S. i'd code it that way .. if you agree

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