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Wed Oct 19 14:43:32 CEST 2005

I agree with everybody, if possible.

- The current internal data model in Blender is a little bit problematic and
low level, but making it better is a mater of time.
- The game engine should be left inside blender.
- Leterip: you are missing one of the most powerful media industries in your
list: game companies. They (we) have hundreds of artists and licenses of the
3D creation programs. More the film industry i think. I'm talking about
blender as a tool to produce assets, not the game engine.
- Bullet is great and Erwin is doing a great job with it.


On 10/19/05, Mal <mal at> wrote:
> Greg MacDonald wrote:
> > I also believe strongly that the game engine should not be a part of
> the main Blender project.
> A lot of people, including myself, feel that it should be left in
> there. Quite a number of folks are using it ( check out the elysiun
> forum ), and it now has half a dozen active developers ( albiet working
> on slightly different aspects of it ).
> Not everyone wants to model, and wait for ages ( sometimes hours! ) for
> short animations to render. Some people prefer to model low to medium
> polygon, and view their work interactively, within seconds.
> - One of the main issues with Blender IMO was that SUMO/SOLID wasn't
> really an acceptible physics solution. Erwin Coumans is actively
> working on a solution here with Bullet. For a 3D game, having a stable
> physics solution is key.
> - The current solution for adding interactivity is ideal for
> walk-arounds, and when the physics solution is implemented more fully,
> you'll see some more advanced games. However, creating more advanced
> games requires a lot of python scripting, which means that only more
> advanced coders can implement these ( NOTE: This is similar to writing
> games in Shockwave 3D or Flash - you really need to know your lingo / AS
> coding ). Coding AI etc will also be difficult ( again, similar to
> coding AI in Shockwave 3D or Flash )
> One solution to the above, is to allow Blender GE users to download a
> few templates ( eg a FPS template, a driving game template ), and allow
> them to model the environments just for that type of game. Of course,
> they could tweak the template to whatever they would like.
> Don't dismiss a games engine as being not useful, a lot of people do use
> it. In fact, I developed a GE style solution for universities in
> Northern Ireland who teach 3D modelling, and most of them are now using
> the interactive game solution to teach basic 3D modelling and texturing
> skills first, as students get frustrated with waiting hours for simple
> animations ( remember: students won't initially know how to optimise
> their scenes to lower rendering times ). Here's the app...
> regards...
> Mal
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