py drawing to 3dview (Re: [Bf-committers] User-defined Material Properties)

Ian Gowen ian.gowen at
Sat Oct 22 21:50:56 CEST 2005

On 10/19/05, Jordi Rovira <caminant at> wrote:
>  - Leterip: you are missing one of the most powerful media industries in
> your list: game companies. They (we) have hundreds of artists and licenses
> of the 3D creation programs. More the film industry i think. I'm talking
> about blender as a tool to produce assets, not the game engine.

I totally agree with this. If someone wrote some
super-high-quality(perhaps even integrated) exporters for popular game
formats that fully supported animation, textures etc. blender would be
in great shape as far as games are concerned(not only professionally,
but in the mod community as well).


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