[Bf-committers] some notes about new armatures

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue Oct 11 14:29:27 CEST 2005


> some quirks or suggestions :
> first bugs  #3149 & #3063 are very annoying as DOFed bones in a second  
> chain
> (eg fingers) are unusable with this.

I guess Brecht will look into it during the next weeks :)

> the roll option (needed to set-up DOFs) is well hidden in N panel,  
> should be available
> in button panel imho.

I can add that easily. Will put on todo for after pre-release.

> when copying a chain of bones already constrained, constraints and ik  
> limits should be
>  copied too, it's likely that you want the same constraints. at least  
> a deep copy option.

Main problem is that editmode Bones are in Armature, and constraints on  
the Pose. Since Pose is Object-level, it can re-use many Armatures.  
Another issue is that during editmode, the bones in armature are  
converted to edit-bones, and don't copy data to the original bones  
until exiting editmode... that way Poses can still exist while doing  
editing, deleting, undo-ing, etc.

I would love to solve this too, but its a nasty piece of adminstration  

> On Solidworks, there is a nice UI thing where, when you enter in a  
> selection box in the
> button area, you can click on a object in the 3D view to add it to  
> selection box. Certainly
> beat  typing names, and would be nice to have in blender.

I rather have it non-modal. For example, Blender could really use a  
generic copy/paste buffer system, which stores entire contextes of  
For example; a copy on active object and paste in name button will  
automatically detect you mean a name paste in the button. (I guess  
that's a "Selection Box", a term I dont know...)

> Still in UI and speedup area, it is likely that all bones in a chain  
> share a common naming
> scheme, 2 options that would be nice to have :
>       - naming firts bone of chain, renames childs in sequence, (bone  
> ->arm.L, bone.001
>         child of previous become arm001.L)
>      - changing part of a name in a chain could change same parts in  
> whole chain

Yeh, we can use a smart auto-rename tool...


> Perhaps a bit late for pre-release, but could we have that in 2.40, at  
> least the first 3  ?
> lukep
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