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Jorrit Tyberghein jorrit.tyberghein at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 10:52:52 CET 2005

>     3. (...)?
> These things should surely be implemented in a high-level memory
> manager, not peppered throughout the code in every function that
> allocates memory.  Does anyone disagree?

Well how would you do that? i.e. imagine code like this:

char* a = malloc (1000000);
*a = 1;

How exactly would you ensure that Blender doesn't crash while trying
to do *a = 1 if there is not sufficient memory? 'malloc' has no choice
but to return NULL. So I don't think you can avoid checking for NULL
unless you use C++ and exceptions but that's probably not an option


> Jonathan Merritt.
> Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
> >Hmm... Exactly how is a system that is returning null for malloc a
> >f*cked up system? On my linux system I have 512Megs RAM and 1Gig swap
> >(not an uncommon setup). Assume that I still have 300Megs free (which
> >is plenty) and then something does a malloc of 300 megs which fails.
> >How is this a f*cked up system? Code should check for failure on
> >memory allocation IMHO. Now in practice I realize that few programs
> >actually do that (Crystal Space doesn't do that either) but returning
> >NULL for malloc is not always indicative of your system being messed
> >up. It can simply be that there is not sufficient memory available for
> >the allocation.
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