[Bf-committers] Bug tracker stats + engine future...

Jeremy Wall zaphar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 16:35:02 CET 2005

> Kester, how are you BTW! I can imagine it's not nice to be so less
> appreciated for all your work... nevertheless, we have to define how we
> move on. Suggestions we can think of todo;
> 1- Declare engine as "unstable" and "in development" still. Create a
> separate tracker for engine bugs, with a clear note that we like such
> reports in, but can't solve it all yet.
> 2- Leave the game engine in Blender and wait for a dev team to emerge.
> 3- Remove the engine from bf-blender, separate it in own project (own
> cvs) and wait for a dev team to turn this into an optional download,
> working as plugin for Blender (like yafray) but opening its own window
> (like a player). Opportunities for tighter exporting to other engines
> could be checked on (Worldforge, Ogre, etc).

I'd vote for making it a seperate project. I think it would help make
it clearer that more developers are needed for one thing. And the
added feature of export to ogre and worldforge types of projects would
be a very valuable feature. A lot of those engines don't have an
"official" 3D design tool. If blender could position itself to be that
kind of tool I think it would be an excellent opportunity.

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