[Bf-committers] Python IPO module changes

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Sat Mar 12 18:52:30 CET 2005

Sorry for the cross-post, but I'm still hoping that someone on
either list will have some input for me.  I realize everyone is
busy, but I'd like to hear either "go for it" or "no, but this
oher thing would be useful" or "stop bothering us" so I'm not in

I've been making a lot of changes to the Python API for IPOs, and
since some of the changes are minor and others I'm having trouble
keeping track of which copy of my code has which patches.  So I've
decided just to submit the changes I've made and will be making,
starting with the bug fixes and trivial patches and then getting
successively more complex.  I'll upload the patches to the patch
repository Stephen pointed out a while back.


Here's my approach, and the order I propose to submit patches:
     patch 1 - posted earlier this week which implements
	Ipo.removeCurve() and Ipocurve.delBezier().
     patch 2 - implements three new BezTriple methods:
	setTriple(), getHandleTypes() and setHandleTypes().
     patch 3 - implement some additional IpoCurve methods
	for consistency; for example, IpoCurve.getNPoints()
	to return number of points in a curve (although
	maybe deprecating Ipo.getNCurves() would also be
	a good idea, or just providing read-only class
	variables instead)
     patch 4 - deprecate older IPO methods, such as
	getBeztriple() and EvaluateCurveOn(); these have
	been replaced by IPOCurve or BezTriple methods
     patch 5 - Replace IPO curve name strings with
	dictionaries, and change IPO methods which use
	curve names to (also) use these dictionaries.

So I have lots of ideas, and specific needs which means I plan
to make these changes even if no one else wants them, but I don't
want to seem like I'm pushing an agenda.  I just found Blender
to be an incredibly useful app, and want to help by giving
something back when and where possible.


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