[Bf-committers] Updated VRML Exporter

Bart bart at neeneenee.de
Wed Mar 9 13:58:19 CET 2005

Hello Ton,

of course first i posted this release on bf-python list but it seems 
nobody is there. Didn't get an answer up today.

On the Wiki Scripts you find nothing about Wilian:

About testing got some hints for it and got a large experience about 
VRML/X3D too. I can test them on Linux and Win.

You're right, we need a process about handling script bugs, updates

Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi Bart,
> The notes below sound all very good!
>  From open source management perspective, what interests me most is how  
> to improve the accessibility and maintenance of our import/export  
> scripts project.
> Until now, Willian has proved to be the central contact for it (like  
> providing release notes). In bug tracker reports on import/export, I  
> usually also assign it to him. Still, most development on this happens  
> a bit hidden, behind the scenes (on the bf-python list?).
> Since we release the scripts as integrated Blender functionality (and  
> since it's an extremely important feature to have) I guess we should  
> formalize this a bit more? Like:
> - appoint Willian as 'module owner' for import/export scripts
> - decide & promote which mailing list is the central communication on  
> import/export issues (bugs, fixes, proposals)
> - have a good documented section on our website on this
> - create a 'regression testing suite' for all files we support
> -Ton-
> On 8 Mar, 2005, at 15:10, Bart wrote:
>> Two times i submitted patches for the VRML exporter of Blender too Rick
>> Kimball but i did not get an answer. I hate it working for the trash  and
>> so starting developing next version of the VRML Exporter.
>> What i have done so far:
>> - correct naming of the standard in "VRML97" instead of "VRML 2.0"
>> - cleaning up the script of to much comments and developer infos
>> - fixed various rounding bugs (intensity, creaseAngle etc.)
>> - on export dialog correct hanging on of extension for the file (.wrl)
>>     if python installed
>>     asking about overwriting existing files
>> - correct export of the camera information - now supports fieldofview
>>     (lens in Blender)
>>     depending of the aspect ratio given through the render image
>>     size X and Y
>> - added feature of exporting the
>> - support for exporting textures and colors for Background node
>>     using informations of Blenders world object
>> - after we got a full funtional text editor support for exporting any
>>     hand written code of the text editor
>>     if the text is named "vrml" to the end of the exported file
>> - support for placing VRML objects into the scene using empties and  give
>>     them a name of a valid VRML node
>> - support for exporting Fog node using setting of Blenders world object
>> - better emissive color support using material emit and ambient color  of
>>     Blenders world object
>> - added support for inline nodes via different scenes in the blend file
>> I started writing help pages too. What i'd like too add to this reöease
>> too is:
>> - real creaseAngle support
>> - FaceModes collision, billboard, halo as nodes Collision and Billboard
>> After that add these features too the X3D exporter of Adrian Cheater
>> (stoping development too) that is GPLed too. So Blender 2.37 could
>> released/ bundeled with better VRML/ X3D support.
>> If someone will text the new vrml script:
>> http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/x3d/vrml97_export150.py.txt
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