[Bf-committers] Updated VRML Exporter

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Mar 9 12:57:39 CET 2005

Hi Bart,

The notes below sound all very good!
 From open source management perspective, what interests me most is how  
to improve the accessibility and maintenance of our import/export  
scripts project.

Until now, Willian has proved to be the central contact for it (like  
providing release notes). In bug tracker reports on import/export, I  
usually also assign it to him. Still, most development on this happens  
a bit hidden, behind the scenes (on the bf-python list?).

Since we release the scripts as integrated Blender functionality (and  
since it's an extremely important feature to have) I guess we should  
formalize this a bit more? Like:

- appoint Willian as 'module owner' for import/export scripts
- decide & promote which mailing list is the central communication on  
import/export issues (bugs, fixes, proposals)
- have a good documented section on our website on this
- create a 'regression testing suite' for all files we support


On 8 Mar, 2005, at 15:10, Bart wrote:

> Two times i submitted patches for the VRML exporter of Blender too Rick
> Kimball but i did not get an answer. I hate it working for the trash  
> and
> so starting developing next version of the VRML Exporter.
> What i have done so far:
> - correct naming of the standard in "VRML97" instead of "VRML 2.0"
> - cleaning up the script of to much comments and developer infos
> - fixed various rounding bugs (intensity, creaseAngle etc.)
> - on export dialog correct hanging on of extension for the file (.wrl)
> 	if python installed
> 	asking about overwriting existing files
> - correct export of the camera information - now supports fieldofview
> 	(lens in Blender)
> 	depending of the aspect ratio given through the render image
> 	size X and Y
> - added feature of exporting the
> - support for exporting textures and colors for Background node
> 	using informations of Blenders world object
> - after we got a full funtional text editor support for exporting any
> 	hand written code of the text editor
> 	if the text is named "vrml" to the end of the exported file
> - support for placing VRML objects into the scene using empties and  
> give
> 	them a name of a valid VRML node
> - support for exporting Fog node using setting of Blenders world object
> - better emissive color support using material emit and ambient color  
> of
> 	Blenders world object
> - added support for inline nodes via different scenes in the blend file
> I started writing help pages too. What i'd like too add to this reöease
> too is:
> - real creaseAngle support
> - FaceModes collision, billboard, halo as nodes Collision and Billboard
> After that add these features too the X3D exporter of Adrian Cheater
> (stoping development too) that is GPLed too. So Blender 2.37 could
> released/ bundeled with better VRML/ X3D support.
> If someone will text the new vrml script:
> http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/x3d/vrml97_export150.py.txt
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