[Bf-committers] Small patch for HOME directory under Windows

Andrea Weikert andrea at aweikert.de
Wed Mar 2 20:09:19 CET 2005


Could one of the Windows platform maintainers (Simon) please
look into this issue and either give me an Ok to to provide
a corresponding patch or just tell me to forget about it.

As you've all noticed, I have already submitted a patch
for line 499 in util.c, where the backslash wasn't

In that patch, I have replaced the backslash by a 
forward slash, because as far as I know, Windows does
accept it. After some research, I found some sources
where this was claimed to be true back to DOS 2.0.
Not in the command line though, but accessing it from the C-Library.
Unfortunately, none of these were official, in fact MSDN still
claims the backslash as the only valid separator.

So my final suggestion is to replace the currently existing
forward slashes in the Windows only section by a backslash
(escaped of course) to handle all cases uniformly at least.

The relevant function is BLI_gethome, lines 490 - 543.

Thanks for taking the time,

Andrea Weikert (Elubie)

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