[Bf-committers] Small patch for HOME directory under Windows

Simon Clitherow aphex at nildram.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 21:51:32 CET 2005

Hi Andrea,

Sorry I haven't responded to this sooner - work commitments, etc, etc.

Your suggestion is valid, I'll commit changes with the paths correctly 



Andrea Weikert wrote:
> Hi,
> Could one of the Windows platform maintainers (Simon) please
> look into this issue and either give me an Ok to to provide
> a corresponding patch or just tell me to forget about it.
> As you've all noticed, I have already submitted a patch
> for line 499 in util.c, where the backslash wasn't
> escaped. 
> In that patch, I have replaced the backslash by a 
> forward slash, because as far as I know, Windows does
> accept it. After some research, I found some sources
> where this was claimed to be true back to DOS 2.0.
> Not in the command line though, but accessing it from the C-Library.
> Unfortunately, none of these were official, in fact MSDN still
> claims the backslash as the only valid separator.
> So my final suggestion is to replace the currently existing
> forward slashes in the Windows only section by a backslash
> (escaped of course) to handle all cases uniformly at least.
> The relevant function is BLI_gethome, lines 490 - 543.
> Thanks for taking the time,
> Andrea Weikert (Elubie)
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