[Bf-committers] Blender and ATI

Johannes Langlotz johannes.langlotz at gmx.de
Wed Jun 15 11:37:38 CEST 2005


I can't agree! I used both - NVIDIA and ATI - and had problems with both 
:) . The latest linux ati drivers are quite good.

BTW: there are 64 bit ati linux drivers. 
IMHO: Just take the gfx card of your choice.


Ryan Showalter schrieb:
> nVidia has much better linux driver support for their graphics cards
> than ATI does.  Not to mention they also provide 64 bit versions of
> their drivers.  I don't believe ATI has linux driver support for the
> x86-64 arch but I could be wrong.  nVidia also excels at OpenGL
> support.  If you'd like to tackle some ATI issues that people have
> been having then you could go for ATI, but I believe a lot of those
> issues were solved in the big frontbuffer cleanup Ton did a while
> back.
> (Yes I'm biased but that's because I've been treated well by my
> geForce cards in the past :)
 > On 6/14/05, Campbell Barton <cbarton at metavr.com> wrote:
 >>Hey Stephen
 >>I tried the recent (UI Installer) ATI Drivers for linux on my X800 and
 >>couldent get them to work, (Didnt recognize my card even though it was
 >>in the supported list in the error message that followed.) :P
 >>Who knows, mabe it would work well if that didnt stop me, but its the
 >>first release supporting Xfree 4.4 and Xorg - early days.
 >>I have an NV 6800 also and works nice in linux, NVidia have had linux
 >>drivers for a while now, and 64bit drivers too. as well as being better
 >>for OpenGL, Id say there better on linux too, Dual head/linux/nvidia
 >>also works very well.
 >>- Cam
 >>>I've just joined the mailing group so this is my first communication.
 >>>I'm in the process of building a PC/Workstation and right now trying
 >>>to decide between an nVidia or ATI GPU. I've read in various posts of
 >>>various issues regarding ATI cards due to their OpenGL driver support
 >>>(I'll be running 64bit Linux also), and your efforts to help rectify
 >>>these. I'm a software developer (mainly database applications) and
 >>>would like to get involved in helping out with this project. I'm also
 >>>looking to use the software to educate myself with 3D rendering etc.
 >>>As a result would you recommend one or the other of nVidia or ATI
 >>>(either a Radeon X800 XL or GeForce 6800 or similar)? I can possibly
 >>>help with the development of ATI driver support, but I'd want to be
 >>>using the software for rendering also (is there a big difference
 >>>between nVidia and ATI cards, as far as OpenGL is concerned, with
 >>>rendering in Blender on Linux?). From what I've read so far ATI seems
 >>>to have come a long way regarding Linux driver support, but I don't
 >>>know much about their OpenGL efforts compared to nVidia.

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