[Bf-committers] cross

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 14 21:18:51 CEST 2005

While speaking of mingw, out of curiosity, has anyone attempted to 
cross-compile blender
(I mean, making the penguin spit win32 bins) ?

Kenney Phillis wrote:

> i am about to head to colledge i've applied already.... i'm goin to do 
> the proccess of mainint and fixing mingw32 on blender... mainly 
> implement it with the following statements and requirements.
> 1: MINGW32
> 2: Python 2.3 is required ( for scons )
> 3: scons
> 4: nothing... it should work flawlessly from here, as long as the 
> mingw bin is your path.
> 4a.. if your using mingw32 you need to run the scons command like so: 
> scons USE_MINGW=1

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