[Bf-committers] Game engine status

Carsten Wartmann Carsten.Wartmann at imago-viva.de
Mon Jan 24 13:58:01 CET 2005

Alexander Ewering wrote:
>  - A new issues that I found and that's very annoying is non-working IPO
>    Actuators. Yes, it's true. IPO actuators often *just* don't work. It
>    seems like this happens more often at lower framerates (like all
>    recent bugs).

I stumbeled across that bug too during a CAE lection at the FH-Koblenz 
this month!

I tried to trigger a Property- and a Ipoactuator, the Property got set 
ok, ipo did not play (equall in what playmode etc). Ipo alone worked...

I forgot the bugfile in Koblenz, but I guess I can reconstruct it.

I am about to fill the bugtracker with some more thing I came across 
during the course in Koblenz.


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