[Bf-committers] Cheap Tweak Mode

Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Sun Jan 16 02:26:58 CET 2005

On 16 Jan 2005, at 3:05 AM, Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> The objection I have is ergonomical and also to keep things 
> blender-compliant... that kind of editing was banned from blender 
> since the beginning.

An alternative, which may be more blender-like, could be to make the 
hotkeys 'tweakable', without pressing a mouse button at all. i.e. press 
and hold G key to select what's under the mouse and start moving, 
release G key to stop moving. Perhaps this could be advantageous over 
the Wings style, because you could then use all the different 
transforms quickly like scale, rotate, etc, while Wings only has move 
in its tweak mode. I think Modo has a feature like this, too.

> Holding a mouse button while doing an action and have it stop working 
> on a button-release is just *bad*. The muscle stress of holding button 
> is the #1 reason for people to get injuries.

I might note that this is only really true for a mouse. For tablets, 
it's the opposite. Click-drag-release is really the only usable and 
accurate way to go - for me, using current Blender with a tablet is 
infuriating and a waste of time. So for that purpose, Chris' patch is 
just excellent :)

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