[Bf-committers] Cheap Tweak Mode

zippy trip at spymac.com
Sun Jan 16 03:51:58 CET 2005

I second the mouse tablet bit. Using Blender with a tablet is 
worthless. This feature in wings works great with a tablet.
Does Ton have a tablet ? If not he should get a nice small one and see 
how blender could be better with a little bit different interface 
layout and work flow.

> An alternative, which may be more blender-like, could be to make the 
> hotkeys 'tweakable', without pressing a mouse button at all. i.e. 
> press and hold G key to select what's under the mouse and start 
> moving, release G key to stop moving. Perhaps this could be 
> advantageous over the Wings style, because you could then use all the 
> different transforms quickly like scale, rotate, etc, while Wings only 
> has move in its tweak mode. I think Modo has a feature like this, too.
>> Holding a mouse button while doing an action and have it stop working 
>> on a button-release is just *bad*. The muscle stress of holding 
>> button is the #1 reason for people to get injuries.
> I might note that this is only really true for a mouse. For tablets, 
> it's the opposite. Click-drag-release is really the only usable and 
> accurate way to go - for me, using current Blender with a tablet is 
> infuriating and a waste of time. So for that purpose, Chris' patch is 
> just excellent :)
> Matt
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