[Bf-committers] New features - strange effects

bjornmose bjornmose at gmx.net
Sat Jan 15 00:51:31 CET 2005

Alexander Ewering wrote:
> Hi again,
> Could someone point the list to some basic documentation on the softbodies?
> With the tip to name them "soft..", I now got an additional menu, but I 
> don't
> manage to do anything except make the entire mesh change position back and
> forth, or make it fall down as a whole.
> How do you specify which objects it should check for collisions?
> When I hit ESC during alt-a, the object doesn't return to its original
> shape - it's left in an appearently random state.
> Tip: In instinctive-blender, I just cancel the simulation and reload the
> original mesh data when the current frame is lower than the previous
> one.
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i am too old for "young bull's fighting" , so ..
my view:
ton asked me to do some 'reasonable & stable' physics in the framework 
he provided. The framework showed a BIG amount of experiance and 
abstraction level. So i started to develop a physics engine, heavily 
insired by what i think the maya engine does. ( I read the baraff papers 
forward and back to make sure to get concepts )
Welps ..
may be i utterly failed .. since maths is fine .. but noone can use it ..
hmmm i'm feel a drain of motivation to follow that project if everyone 
just p*ss*s on me

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