[Bf-committers] Re: GameObject Python Distance function

Mal mal at candomultimedia.com
Tue Jan 11 20:08:35 CET 2005

Hey Erwin,

It's great to see the father of the Games Engine on the developer list!  
I look forward to playing your latest PS2 game from Sony!!!

> Wouldn't it be better to add a new Math/Utility module ?
> It wouldn't require that much extra, and it is easier to extend with 
> other useful things. Also just passing simpel types makes it more 
> general purpose , passing objects limits the usage: you can't get the 
> distance between to points (for example the distance from a hitpoint 
> and another point).

There was talk of doing something like this earlier on the list, as a 
lot of people were spending time re-coding the same small functions ( 
cross / dot product, normalising vectors etc ).


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