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Loic BRYCKAERT loic.bryckaert at efs.sante.fr
Mon Jan 10 14:16:51 CET 2005


The history of this panel comes from a python script I didn't manage to 
get working (Kloputils from Carlos Lopez).
I really often needed such fonctionality, and doesn't know much of 
Python (don't want to, neither).

Moreover, I didn't know about this 'align' toggle. (Where is it ?)

The idea of this panel, which is availiable in object mode, is to align 
objects on X, Y, Z axis with the baseact as reference.
The forth option allows to set the axis alignment between the baseact, 
and the 3D cursor. This is much more flexible.

You can use the center of the objects, or the geometrical center ( 
average min/max on each axis), or the barycenter.

After alignment, it is possible to set an interleave between the objects.
The 'auto' option takes the distance between the baseact and the 3D 
cursor, which is divided by the number of objects to align.
( When you align using X, Y, or Z axis, the position of the 3D Cursor is 
not taken, so it crashes. I correct it as soon as possible...).

I'm sure this can be done using other tools, but I don't know them, and 
since I often use these fonctionality, having a panel for that actions 
is much quicker.


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