[Bf-committers] Wire colors

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Jan 10 14:37:48 CET 2005


As mentioned in the irc minutes, I've digged up results from (lengthy  
:) wire color discussions in past. Below the idea I think matches  
almost all proposals best, without giving up current functional use of  

- we introduce an editable palette of 16 colors (more seems to become  
- each palette color includes the deselected/selected/active state,  
have to check on a good general rule (or setting) for brightening or  
- for each palette color you can define rules (in a pulldown), which  
can mimic current use of colors (Library, Ipo-Keys, from "Set" Scene,  
Duplicated) and which allows new rules as well (layer bits, is child,  
Object type, whatever). Could even check on using python for rules...
- Default rule is "Free", which allows a menu per Object to assign a  
free color (pop-up menu with swatches choices in Object buttons).
- Rules can get a priority setting to enable one rule to override  
another. This to prevent a conflict between "Library" and "Free" color  
for example.
- Colors only apply Object mode wire draw.
- Have to check on zbuffered wireframe... non-zbuffered might look ugly  
and confusing then.

This can become part of Themes, assuming that you're not editing such  
rules or colors all the time.


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton at blender.org  

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