[Bf-committers] Game Engine sensors and "look for property"

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Sun Jan 9 03:48:49 CET 2005

Currently, it seems like things like "Only collide with objects with
this property" or "Only look for collisions with this material" in
Radar/Near/Touch sensors etc. do _always_ collide with all possible
faces in the scene _first_, and _then_ decide if the collision was
valid (if the property/material was found).

This is of course very bad. It could save about 99% of CPU if it
only checked for collision on objects after FIRST checking if it
has the property.

For example, in a quite complex scene, if I add 4 radar sensors which
only look for the player (which is a plane with a property), physics
take 60% and framerate drops to 20, even though this shouldn't happen,
as the sensors *should* only collide with a single plane. Instead,
they clearly check all the scene's faces for collision.

I don't know enough about Sumo or C++ to fix this, but it should
definitely be done. In the current state, the Sensors can be
considered pretty useless.

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