[Bf-committers] Re: Minnaert diffuse shader

GSR - FR famrom at infernal-iceberg.com
Tue Jan 11 04:05:35 CET 2005

jbernalmartinez at gmail.com (2005-01-09 at 0033.47 +0100):
> >I wonder, which one did you implemented? I am trying to compare to
> >that RMan shaders, and yours seems a mix of both (they could be wrong,
> >of course).
> I implemented the nvidia "flipped" method.

Then I guess it would be wise to name functions, GUI labels and any
other references with a name different than plain "Minnaert", maybe
"MinnaertB" as the SLIM shader, "Reversed Minnaert" or something like
that, but clearly showing it is not exactly what Minnaert said. If the
original is also done, it will cause problems, and even if not, it
will cause problems too when people try to check the correct


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