[Bf-committers] Idea for textureing method.

Kent Mein mein at cs.umn.edu
Thu Jan 6 18:01:32 CET 2005

In reply to Robert Wenzlaff (rwenzlaff at soylent-green.com):

You could always try something like this playing with the Normal as input:


> On Thursday 06 January 2005 07:06, Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> > I also don't really understand how procedurals go wrong in a direction,  
> > most procudurals work very well in 3D. (Unless with directional  
> > procedurals like 'wood' or 'marble', but for good looking wood you can  
> > use other textures much better).
> Well, I am scaling a  texture  in the X more than the Y so it makes long, 
> bark-like features.  The problem is, when a branch leaves the trunk it starts 
> off horizontal, then curves back to vertical.  The long features of the bark 
> now go across the branch instead of along it's length.  Local "Up" always 
> needs to be parallel to the long axis of each branch. 
> http://www.soylent-green.com/Tree.png
> The texmesh feature might work.  But if I have dozens of banches trying to get 
> them all pointed "up" would be an editing nightmare.   It's the same problem 
> as a complex UV map but now in 3D instead of 2D.
> That's why I thought having guide empties to define local changes to the 
> texture space would be the way to go.   Each can be independantly edited.  In 
> the case of my tree, I would have a few guide empties along the trunk Z up, 
> and where a branch left the trunk, an empty with the Z pointing almost 
> horizontal (the local axis of the branch).  A texture would blend the two's 
> texture spaces so there would be a smooth transition from Z being up, to Z 
> being left (in the camera view).   The texture would curve along the branch 
> like you would expect.  
> You could have weights and max ranges just like bones to control the blending.
> The first empty on the list would be the default space for when you were past 
> the influence range of the others.  You might want some kind of special mode 
> where you  "extrude" empties, like extruding a bone, it parents them to the 
> selected empty, and adds it to the list of control empties.
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