[Bf-committers] Re: GameEngine material patch.

Charlie C snailrose at bresnan.net
Sat Dec 24 17:24:30 CET 2005

I must not of understand what you meant. There is an option to use the Tex
face image, which will be used  as the first unit. Just UV map the model as
usual and add a material with the Tex face option.
which will be your first unit.
It really does need an option to work per face, however I'm unsure how to go
about that with out adding a UI options

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> Charlie C wrote:
> > Erwin,
> >  That would be great. It would give me more time to get every thing
> >
> > Carsten,
> >   The uv-mapping supports only one set at the moment. For each texture
> > unit available
> Yea, I know, what I meant was to use the UV Mapping *as* the first
> texture unit.
> Merry XMas,
> Carsten
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