[Bf-committers] blender source navigator

Vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Sat Apr 23 06:08:18 CEST 2005

Hi Marc,
Well then, I guess that's too bad, 'cause I'm in the mood to add some 
more features to my
tool. I mean, showing functions is nice and all, but nothing 
ground-breaking there. Maybe
add some docs (hacking the doxygen stuff someone from the channel sent 
me a while back)
to document a little what each funct. does, cut each file on function 
boundaries and show that
when user clicks on a funct,
show relationships (what each function calls, and who is calling it, and 
then put everything
into a jumbo tree starting from main() down - would make for a humungus 
jscript, I'd guess),
some other analysis stuff 'll think of down the line.

Whether some other guys will find all this stuff useful remains to be 
seen, but I guess
I'm mostly being selfish here, thinking about stuff that 'I' would like 
to have, i.e. scratching
my own itch. And as much as possible, spit out standard formats everyone 
can see and
go through (text, html, even javascript - I'm not a big fan, but makes 
nice nav trees
everyone with a browser can use). Eventually outputting some nice charts 
(ala UML)
do sound tempting (hacking at argo-uml for this maybe?). Yope, lots of 

And as I said before, if anyone else on the list would like to have 
other stuff along those lines
(i.e. to understand the code), send me a line or two on your idea, and 
if I find out I'd also
want that (and see a path to doing it...I'm still a newbie here, 
learning along the way), it will
somehow be done (or should I better say, it will be 'attempted', no 
guaranteed results :).


Marc Chehab wrote:

>Hey vio,
>no need to excuse about the username. I told ya to do so. Sorry for the wrong
>instructions. It's always been like this... maybe an update.
>Glad it works. Btw, it's no problem to host this for me. So no need to feel
>anyhow thankful ;). The bill stays the same.
>Nice weekend. Cu, Marc

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