[Bf-committers] blender source navigator

Ted Schundler tschundler at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 20:55:04 CEST 2005

On 4/22/05, Vio <vmilitaru at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Maybe
> add some docs (hacking the doxygen stuff someone from the channel sent
> me a while back)
> to document a little what each funct. does, cut each file on function
> boundaries and show that
> when user clicks on a funct,
> show relationships (what each function calls, and who is calling it, 

Ah, so you know about Doxygen. That will generate what you have and
more. Here's my run of it on Bf-Blender:
http://astro.scu.edu/~ted/oss/blender/bf-dox/ It can produce a tree
like yours for a frame on the left side, but I disabled that, since
the 2MB HTML file is a bit much for my browser to handle. Basically
just get doxygen, use doxywizard to set it up, maually edit the config
to your tastes, and run it. It can build quasi UML graphs by the way.
But UML is an OO think, and most of Blender is C, not C++.
Unfortunately, the full output for Blender is quite a beast - over
200M in my case. That has some of the graphs turned on, but not the
full function call / reference graphs, as that ends up bein a bit
much. (Just look at the list of stuff that references G:
and imagine a graph of that)
Also, most of the code isn't really setup for doxygen, so you end up
with the GPL as a description for a function and such. And some of
that which is set up for Doxygen is setup incorrectly (i.e. marking
stuff depreciated isn't done quite right, and code examples would be
better off in code tags or a separate example file) Maybe some cleanup
of that might be something to work on & submit some patches with
adjusted comments when you're done...

Though, nice as doxygen may be, the most useful way I find to navigate
the source is command line grep + find


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