[Bf-committers] uv's in edit mode

Brecht Van Lommel blendix at pandora.be
Mon Sep 27 17:40:56 CEST 2004

Hi Ton,

On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 11:21, Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> Hi Brecht,
> Thanks for the analysis. There's indeed quite some issues with it.  
> Originally I didn't really schedule to replace the old UV-FaceSelect  
> completetely, but just bringing EditMode a little bit closer to it, to  
> have both working together nicer.
> So, if we just do this:
> - discard the convention that enforces wireframe draw when you go from  
> FaceSelect to EditMode. That can become an enforced 'Face selectmode'  
> now.
> - enable ALT+Z (potato) texture view in EditMode.

Sure, makes sense.

> - if UV-FaceSelect is set in EditMode, also signal the active TFace to  
> the UI. Just to update the UV Image window correctly, and to allow  
> assigning images there and/or change UV coordinates.

I don't think that would work, unless I understand you wrong. Editing
UV's or assigning images in Edit Mode will lead to the data being lost,
because it will be overwritten once Edit Mode is left. And having the UV
mapping functions coded for both modes would obviously be a bad idea.

> We can leave the F9 (editing buttons) as they are now.
> So, minimal changes, nothing radical. :)
> As another (research project) we should look at UV-FaceSelect mode  
> though. I still think such modes are cumbersome, just like  
> vpaint/weightpaint/posemode etc. But that's another issue, not related  
> to the editmesh refactory!

Ok, I can see this doesn't have to be changed now. But I think that UV
Face Select and Painting should at least under the hood work with Edit
Mode. They could then override some of the tools in Edit Mode, but still
allow to work with the more advanced selection tools etc. This wouldn't
have to be done before 2.35 of course.


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