[Bf-committers] uv's in edit mode

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Sep 27 13:21:35 CEST 2004

Hi Brecht,

Thanks for the analysis. There's indeed quite some issues with it.  
Originally I didn't really schedule to replace the old UV-FaceSelect  
completetely, but just bringing EditMode a little bit closer to it, to  
have both working together nicer.

So, if we just do this:

- discard the convention that enforces wireframe draw when you go from  
FaceSelect to EditMode. That can become an enforced 'Face selectmode'  
- enable ALT+Z (potato) texture view in EditMode.
- if UV-FaceSelect is set in EditMode, also signal the active TFace to  
the UI. Just to update the UV Image window correctly, and to allow  
assigning images there and/or change UV coordinates.

We can leave the F9 (editing buttons) as they are now.

So, minimal changes, nothing radical. :)

As another (research project) we should look at UV-FaceSelect mode  
though. I still think such modes are cumbersome, just like  
vpaint/weightpaint/posemode etc. But that's another issue, not related  
to the editmesh refactory!


On 26 Sep 2004, at 03:41, Brecht Van Lommel wrote:

> Hey all,
> I think everyone can agree UV Face Select Mode should be merged into  
> the
> renewed Edit Mode (if no functionality is lost). I don't mind doing  
> some
> coding to convert the UV Editor and UV Face Select Mode functionality  
> to
> Edit Mode.
> The UV Editor and UV Mapping would work in all three sub-modes.
> Selections for faces are always valid, so this shouldn't be a problem.
> There are, however, conflicts. Edit Mode is crowded as is, and adding
> more will not make this any better.
> - Hotkey conflicts: I could find three of them: U for unwrap, Shift+K
> for clearing vertex colors, and R for rotating uv's. I would propose
> shift+U for unwrap (or U, with shift+U for 'reload original data').
> Either way, 'unwrap' should be quickly accessible. The other two could
> be put in some (popup-)menu?
> - There will also be 2 more panels in the Editing Buttons while in Edit
> Mode (Texture Face and UV Calculation). Maybe a new 'Texture/Paint/UV
> Buttons' context should be created. The 3d view header menu's will also
> get some extra entries. The Mesh menu is already huge, and the 3d view
> header has also gotten quite long with the new sub-modes (especially on
> the 1024x768 resolution I've got here).
> - In UV Face Select Mode there is an Active Face. There is no such  
> thing
> in Edit Mode. Having an Active Face when modeling seems confusing to  
> me.
> I couldn't immediately think of an alternative for the colored edges to
> see the relation with the face in the UV Editor. Also for copying
> Texture Face data, working with 'Active' and 'Selected' seems to be the
> most consistent with the way Blender works now. AFAIK, colored edges  
> and
> copying would be the only reason to keep the Active Face.
> - Another problem is that the painting modes (Vertex and Texture, don't
> know about Weight) would need to be merged in too, because they can be
> combined with UV Face Select Mode to only paint in the selected faces.
> I'm not familiar with the paint code though.
> Any suggestions?
> I'll probably talk to Ton on IRC about this further ... Just did some
> thinking in advance :).
> Cheers,
> Brecht.
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