[Bf-committers] colored wire patch

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Sep 8 12:34:12 CEST 2004


Blender currently uses wire colors in a way that conflicts with  
user-defined coloring. I am also not convinced such a manual-labour  
feature would really work for Blender.

I rather see some design/research efforts on a general requirements  
level. What do you want (wireframe) colors to communicate? How does a  
selection/active status cope with it? Or Objects that are not  
selectable (in a set, or duplicated, or generated)? Objects from  
libraries? Objects that denote keypositions?

My preference would still be a functionality-visualizing and automatic  
coloring system, which can be adjusted or set according to what you are  
doing or need to see.


On Sunday, Sep 5, 2004, at 15:32 Europe/Amsterdam, Jean-Luc Peurière  

> Le 5 sept. 04, à 09:38, Theodore Schundler a écrit :
>> Maybe the per-layer coloring could be integrated w/ the instinctive
>> blender layermanager update? There's of course the matter of what  
>> color
>> to use...maybe just the fist layer the object is in is what color is
>> uses by default. I mentioned this idea on the wiki, so I eagerly tried
>> your patch. It works for me. Though using it a bit, I think I
>> deffinately want per-layer mesh coloring too.
> The per-layer coloring goes with a form of layer manager, yes.  
> Alexander
>  implementation may do the trick (not tested it, but web doc seems ok).
> The panel/not panel question has only implications when you want the  
> buttons
>  view vertical, which is very handy (I have a wide screen). you need  
> panels
> in this setup.
> I would say that objects should have layer color by defaut.
> The patch is very simple. For best use, we would need back face  
> culling in wire
> mode.
> --  
> Jean-luc
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