[Bf-committers] Ok, here is why I think my EMesh design is a good idea

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Sun Oct 10 21:21:20 CEST 2004

The whole point of my EMesh module is to allow real-time manipulation of 
EditMesh data.  I've designed it to be bug-and-error free (when done), 
and personally I don't get why all you EditMesh coders keep on dissing 
your own code (it's great! or at least, it works).

Here are some advantages of it:
* You can write mesh-editing tools in python.
* Python is well-suited to try out ideas for new mesh editing tools.  
Writing such things in C is not nearly as easy.
* There are far, far more script writers then Blender coders.  A whole 
host of helpful scripts could be written with this module, while without 
it those script writers would be forced to code it in C, which many of 
them don't know very well.  Take LetterRip's sculpting script for example.

I've spent many hours writing this, and it is almost done.  Let me 
assure you: I've looked through the EditMesh code, both for EMesh and my 
(on hold) attempts at winged extrusion functions, and it is not as bad 
or horrible as all of you who wrote it appear to think.

P.S.: And by the way, I do not propose redoing anything in Python, or 
suddenly converting all of Blender to a gigantic python module or any of 
that stuff.

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