[Bf-committers] Re: Scons linking errors & C++?

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Tue, 02 Mar 2004 16:24:37 -0600

Michel Selten wrote:
> Well, the SCons build system is still undergoing some heavy
> developments. As a result, the config.opts - which is generated by the
> SConstruct file - gets outdated every now and then because I add new
> user configurable options to it. If these options are not available in
> the config.opts file, things can go wrong. I have not added any error
> checking in the config.opts options or even missing options. My idea was
> that such checks will only complicate the SConstruct file.
> If all user options are present, and there are still reports of strange
> or missing options in the config.opts file, I may add such error
> checking.
Yeah, I figured that was the case.  That's why I haven't been
very vocal about the problems as I knew it was kind of a moving
target.  My only real nit to pick with this is that since scons
is under as heavy as development as it is, it was probably a
little early to remove the autoconf system.  And yes I did see
your post about removing autoconf, but since I hadn't tried
scons, I just assumed it was a bit more ready than it was.

But then, such are the birthing pains we go through when something
as significant as this changes.

> You've supposed correct! Yay, at least this implies that my intentions -
> even without documentation - are pretty clear to (intelligent) people ;)
Now, you've made your assumption ... maybe I just made a lucky
guess, :-).

> Please, Todd and anyone else, let me know if you have to make updates to
> SConstruct or any of the SConscript files to make it work on your
> system. I know my system doesn't cover all situations, I need your help
> to make this build system robust!
> Many people already have provided me feedback - especially on building
> on other platforms. Without their help, this effort would've gone to
> waste.
I'll review my local changes to SConstruct, but I think I put
most of them in my previous email to the list.  One thing I've
never been successful at is building the gameengine.  I realize
this is a work in progress also, but scons blows up immediately
and doesn't even try to build.  I get python stack traces.  I spent
a bit of time trying to dig into this, but got no where and figured
it was just something not working yet and turned it off.

Do you think scons should be able to build blender with the game
engine under linux ?  If so, do you have a 1 or 2 sentence set
of instructions for the config.opts we should change to make it
work ?  Do you want my stack traces and config.opts ?

Todd Koeckeritz, zaz@visi.com

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